Sculpture Installations

Greg Todd’s Sculptures Around the United States.

Seekers of Knowledge, bronze sculpture by Greg Todd

Here is a summary of some of Greg’s sculptures that have been installed across the country. To see images or more information about the piece, click on the title.

Commissioned Sculptures

  • Legacy of Service, life-size sculpture of a Police Officer and two children raising the American flag. This sculpture honors those who serve and protect, passing on their love of our country to future generations. Commissioned by the Grand Junction Commission on Arts and Culture, installed in front of the new Grand Junction Police Department building summer, 2013.
  • Wild Ice, life-size sculpture of 3 children skating. Commissioned by the City of Westminster, Colorado, installed at the Westminster Ice Centre summer, 2013. This piece depicts the joy children feel while skating together, and playing “crack the whip”. This popular sculpture is at ground level, allowing visitors to connect and interact with the bronze skaters whose blades have left marks in the concrete “ice”.
  • With Eyes of Faith, 1-1/4 life-size sculpture of Sister Mary Balbina, a commission from the Legends of the Grand Valley series, Legacy Committee, Grand Junction, Colorado, installed 2010. The young nun’s features are based on the one known photograph of the woman. In the piece, she is sharing her vision of the future with a child who will be cared for at the hospital she has been tasked with building. This work is designed for a street location and reflects the character and heritage of the City, while assuring that traffic is not impeded and that pedestrians and drivers can all have clear visibility for maximum safety.
  • Compassion, life-sized sculpture installed at Aims Community College, Greeley, Colorado, 2008. Alison Jo Jenkins, a graduate of Aims Community College’s emergency medical services department who died in 2007, is memorialized along with another EMS student in this piece. In this tribute to the compassion and dedication shown by emergency medical staff and students, the two Aims CC students are seated, studying on a bench. Iconography specific to the school and their department are featured in the piece.
  • He Prayed, life-size sculpture of Dr. James Dobson, Sr., Focus on the Family Campus, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 2002. This portrait of the Founder’s father was commissioned to celebrate the ministry’s 25th anniversary.
  • Veterans War Memorial, Monmouth, Illinois, 1-1/4 life-size. This monument was commissioned by the Warren County War Memorial Committee as a tribute to all war veterans and was dedicated in 1998. The piece features the likeness of local hero and Medal of Honor winner Captain Bobby Dunlap during the battle for Iwo Jima, and includes period military equipment, camouflaged uniform, the specific Johnson model 41 rifle he carried during the war, and other locally significant details.
  • Seekers of Knowledge, Indiana Tech, Fort Wayne, Indiana, 2006. This life-size commission depicts two students studying on a bench. The students reflect the diversity of the student population. Details in the piece include iconography specific to the University.
  • Life on the Wild Slide, life-size sculpture of children skating. Installed at the Greeley Ice Haus, Greeley, Colorado, 2005. The Greeley Art Commission commissioned this piece which features 4 four children playing “crack the whip” on the ice as their dog runs alongside joining in the fun.
  • Under Control, Loveland Volunteer Fire Department, Loveland, Colorado, 1991. This piece, located in front of Loveland’s Fire Station No. 2, depicts two firefighters at rest after successfully getting a fire under control and accurately depicts many of the tools of their trade including personalized gear.

Other Installations: limited edition sculptures permanently installed across the country.

  • Best Friends, this piece depicts a life-size figure of boy and his dog resting after playing ball together. First installed at the Anderson Animal Shelter, Elgin, Illinois in 1996. It is also installed at West Point Development, Greeley, Colorado and the United States Air Force Academy, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Morning Mist, 2 herons drying their wings. This sculpture has several installations including as a fountain at Aims Community College, Greeley, CO installed in 2008.
  • Mountain Rose, a life-size sculpture of a young girl blossoming into womanhood. Multiple installations, including Parker Station, Parker, Colorado in 2004.
  • Hugs ‘n Kittens, a limited edition consisting of a two little girls playing with new kittens. This piece was first installed at the Moose Lodge International, Mooseheart, Illinois in 1996. Subsequently it has been installed by the West Point Development Corporation, Greeley, Colorado, Superior Market Place, Superior, Colorado, Parker Station, Parker, Colorado, and Fountain Hills, Arizona.
  • First Kiss, which shows the love felt between a girl and her dog, is installed at the Moose Lodge International, Mooseheart, Illinois and was the 2013 People’s Choice Award winner, Sculpture Tour Salina
  • More Than Words shows a mother reading with her two children and creating a deep life-long bond. This piece was first installed at the Saint Francis Medical Center, Grand Island, Nebraska in 1994. Others in the edition have had their personalized books and been installed at the Centennial Park Public Library, Greeley, Colorado in 1995, the Moose Lodge International, Mooseheart, Illinois in 1996, Focus on the Family, Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1998, in 2004 at the Sherman County Library, Goodland, Kansas, and Fountain Hills, Arizona in 2013.
  • Welcome Wagon, features a young girl who greets all who pass by and is installed in the West Point Development, Greeley, Colorado. This limited edition piece was exhibited at the Sculpture Tour Salina, Salina, Kansas and won the Juror’s Best of show award in 2012 and is now installed Central Kansas Mental Health Center.
  • Pocketful of Trouble, depicts a young boy and his dogs exploring nature. Installed in 2004 at Parker Station, Parker, CO.