Wild Ice

Wild Ice is Wild Ice by sculptor Greg Todda life-sized sculpture cast in bronze that was installed at the Westminster, Colorado Ice Arena adding to Westminster’s Public Art portfolio during the summer of 2013

This wonderful piece consists of three life-size skaters (two boys and a girl) holding hands and playing “crack the whip.” One of the skaters is wearing speed skates, one is wearing hockey skates and one is wearing figure skates! The detailing in the sculpture is quite amazing and is already popular, especially among the skating crowd at the Ice Centre.


Wild Ice by sculptor Greg Todd
Fond memories of growing up in Goodland, Kan., were the inspiration for this piece. The local tennis courts near my boyhood home were flooded in winter to create an ice rink.





Wild Ice bronze sculpture by Colorado artist Greg Todd

The neighborhood kids all loved to gather on the ice, and playing “crack the whip” was one of the favorite activities of the gang.

I am happy that other children will continue to forge their own memories on ice, and I am proud that this work may be a part of those memories-in-the-making for generations of skaters to come.




Wild Ice


Greg working on the original clay sculpture in his studio:

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